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Top 5 Best WordPress Pros Cons Plugin

This article talks about the best WordPress pros and cons plugins of 2020. Earning in blogging is now not just dependent on Google Adsense,, or any advertising platform. There are tons of ways to generate income from a single blog. Affiliate marketing is one of them.

In Affiliate marketing, you have to review any product or services on your blog and place your unique link over there to make the purchase, if the reader purchases or signs up for services, you will get a small amount of commission from that.

It is one of the best ways to earn money and 2x your current income. But in Affiliate marketing, you will not get paid for the visitor you have, you will earn money only if the user purchases or signs up for the services.

In order to convert the most visitors into the buyer, you need to write conversation-friendly content by adding the main highlights of the product, description of the product and most importantly Pros & Cons of the product.

Weighing up the Pros & Cons can speed up the decision-making process. If you are an affiliate marketer or going to start a new affiliate blog, then you should add Pros & cons in your affiliate post.

Adding Pros & Cons Plugins to WordPress

Most bloggers make the mistake of adding Pros & Cons in bullet points, which is quite ineffective.

To convert the user into a buyer, it is important to add Pros & Cons in a well-designed block. For that, you can install any Pros & Cons plugin to your website to showcase the Pros & Cons of the product effectively.

For your convenience, our team have shortlisted a few best Pros & Cons plugin for your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Pros and Cons Plugins

Let’s go over the 4 best WordPress pros and cons plugins.

1. i2 Pros & Cons

I2 Pros & Cons
I2 Pros & Cons

i2 Pros & Cons are the most famous plugin among affiliate marketers. It’s a free dedicated Pros & Cons plugin that comes with the complete customization options.

Even like the Gutenberg, you can visually edit Pros & Cons in the classic editor also. i2 Pros & Cons are entirely free to use the plugin, you will not need to pay a single cent to use any of its features. 

Choose from 10 premade templates and then fully customize it using the settings page — no need to worry about responsiveness, it is entirely responsive for PC, tablets and phones.

It features a very easy to use user-friendly interface, there is no complicated setup, install it, and you are ready to add Pros & Cons, even there is no need for a single line of code. 

What we like in this i2 Pros & Cons plugin is it allows you to add Amazon affiliate buttons. 

2. Mighty Pros & Cons By Mighty Themes

Mighty Pros & Cons By Mighty Themes
Mighty Pros & Cons By Mighty Themes

Mighty Pros & Cons is another best free Pros & Cons plugin that allows you to add Pros & Cons anywhere on your website with the help of shortcodes. You can add Pros & Cons to your landing page, now matter with which page builder you have created it. 

Responsive for all the devices and comes with three pre-made templates, you can choose any one of them. Another good thing about this Mighty Pros & Cons plugin is that it is entirely customizable, you can change the colours & all the other stuff.

You can create rounded, square or round call to action buttons.

3. Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Reviewer WordPress Plugin
Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Reviewer Plugin is the complete review plugin that allows you to insert reviews, comparison tables and Pros & Cons to your post or pages. This plugin is the best option for you if you are thinking of creating a powerful user reviews system.

It’s flexible structure & advanced customization options allow you to create any review types. Even you can let your visitor give their review of the particular product. 

In order to adapt your reviews and compression to your need, there are tons of customization options & theme.

4. Product Review Pro

Product Review Pro
Product Review Pro

Product Review Pro is not a dedicated Pros & Cons plugin. It is one of the best premium review plugins that comes with hundreds of unique features. The feature we like in this plugin is that it is schema enabled so this plugin will also help you in SEO ranking. 

You can add Editor Review, User Review, Rich Snippet, Segmented Rating, Pros and Cons, Affiliate Button, Rich Editor, User Voting. Product Review Pro comes with all the necessary customization options, you can change all the colours, icon & complete appearance. 

If you are looking for only Pros & Cons, this isn’t what you need. But if you’re looking for a full-fledged plugin for your review website, its a review plugin which will cost you around $30.

BONUS – Create Custom Using Gutenberg Block Editor

Recently with the WordPress update, Gutenberg Blocks editor has replaced the old classic editor. Gutenberg provides you with the ability to design your page as you want with the help of block, what you have to do is to drag and drop the block and customize it according to your needs.

This block editor entirely works like the page builder, you can easily create a Pros & Cons template with the help of it. Gutenberg comes with all the necessary blocks, but for additional customization, you have to install block addon, we have used Ultimate Blocks addon to create below features Pros & Cons template.

Create Custom Using Gutenberg Block Editor
Create Custom Using Gutenberg Block Editor

The Process To Create Custom Pros & Cons Template Using Gutenberg Block Editor

  • Step 1: First install Ultimate Blocks plugin, you can install it from the WordPress plugin library.
  • Step 2: Go to Post, then click on Add New Post.
  • Step 3: Now the add Columns Block with 50/50 variation (1 for pros & 1 for cons)
  • Step 4: Now add Heading Block in both the blocks (Pros & Cons) then set the background colour of heading Green & Red, change the text colour to White.
  • Step 5: Then add List Block in both the colour, change the icon & colour. 

You’re done. 


Those are the few best ways & plugins to add Pros & Cons to your affiliate blog post. We recommend you to go with Gutenberg Block Editor and create your custom Pros & Cons template. 

We hope this article on Top 4 Best WordPress Pros/Cons Plugin is helpful for you. If the article is helpful for you, then do share it on social media. Please stay connected with us for future updates and such informative posts. 

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