Top 10 Best WordPress Comments Plugins

Best WordPress Comments Plugins

We were trying to find out some of the best WordPress comments plugins for our website recently. Every 4 to 5 months, WordPress updates for new features, security improvements, speed, and layout but the comment system always remains as it is. 

We have been working on WordPress for the last 10 years. Still, I have not seen any significant changes in the layout and functions of commenting.

Sometimes the existing comment system feels really irritating. Anyone can come, fill their details, and post a comment.

There is no authentication, social login option, or any other additional features. What you get is just a simple form with four fields. (Comment, Name, Email, and Website)

The comment system is mainly for the interactions, questions, and discussions, but it is currently more used for comment backlinking by spammers. 

Few plugins like Akismet provide us with convenience by automatically detecting spam comments posted just for link building. But it is not enough, those plugins add the feature for the backend, but the front-end (interface) remains as it is. 

To solve this problem, you can add the new third party comment system to your WordPress website. 

There are tons of free or paid comment systems available in the market that provides you with a cool, clean, and modern interface with unique features like social login, social share, spam detection, and more.

This article is for you, if you are from those who want to change the default WordPress comment section and provide their visitor with the new one.

For your convenience, we have shortlisted 10 best WordPress comments plugins based on user reviews. 

Reviews Of Best WordPress Comments Plugins

1. Thrive Comments

Thrivethemes. Comments
Thrivethemes. Comments

Thrive Comments is one of the best and leading comment plugins available in the market. It is designed and developed by Thrive Themes, one of the trusted developers, so you don’t have to worry about stability and support.

This clean and modern comment system will help you build engagement. It adds the features of Like/Dislike comments, you can post a reply, it will also add the social share button.

Thrive Comments will be responsible for taking the comment system to the next level. It is not just limited to the single comment layout, you can configure your comment system as you want.

If you don’t want to go with the Like/Dislike option, you can add Upvotes/Downvotes like Reddit. The dashboard of the Thrive theme is also more modern than the default one. It will provide you with the option to delegate comment replies to other people working with you.

For a single website, it will cost you around $39, where you get unlimited free updates and 1 full year of support. More effective plans are available for 5 and 15 websites, which will cost you around $47 and $9​​​​7, respectively.

Thrive themes also offers a 30-day of the money-back guarantee. In terms of any problem or don’t like it in any manner, you can ask for a refund.

2. Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comment
Jetpack Comment

Jetpack Comments will automatically replace the default WordPress comment forms. It is not just about styling the layout, but it will also add lots of additional features. Your visitors can log in with their existing social media account, which skips the long process of registrations.

By adding the Like/Dislike features, Jetpack Comments make your comment section more interactive. There are also tons of features with which you can play to encourage commenters to subscribe to your site.

When the commenters choose to be notified of follow-up comments, he/she will be notified of all the replies for the same comment in real-time by email. As the admin, you will also get notified when somebody comments.

Now comes to pricing, Jetpack Comments is free for the Jetpack premium users, what you have to do is enable it from the Jetpack dashboard. Jetpack all in one license will cost your around ₹6,240 per month (billed yearly)

Rather than a comment system, you will also get tons of unique features in it, like

  • Backup
  • Scan
  • Anti-spam
  • Activity log
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Scheduled social media posting
  • Collect payments
  • Site monetization
  • Priority support

3. ReplyBox


ReplyBox is the another best alternative for the default comment system, it is privacy-focused. When it comes to changing the comment system for WordPress, many bloggers think that it will slow down their website, if you are one of them, then ReplyBox is the best option for you.

The ReplyBox embed weighs in at under 17 KB. You can easily conclude that even if you are using cheap hosting, it will not take time to load. In terms of responsiveness, you don’t have to worry, ReplyBox is entirely responsive for all screen sizes, features clean and minimal design.

Another good thing about ReplyBox is that it is straightforward to install. Just install their plugin, and the plugin will automatically configure itself. You can import your existing comments also.

ReplyBox can also be used with a coded website, simply place the HTML snipped where you would like your comments to appear and then insert the JavaScript before </body> the tag.

You can start using the fantastic features like automatic spam filtering, comment moderation tools, WordPress comment syncing, custom CSS from just $10/mo. In the basic plan of $10/mo, you can integrate ReplyBox in unlimited websites for upto 50,000 monthly pageviews.

For a more massive website, plans of $19/mo and $39/mo are also available.

4. CommentLuv


CommentLuv is entirely free to use the comment plugin for WordPress. Currently, there is no paid version, but the company is planning to launch an updated premium version of CommentLuv in 2020.

The reason for keeping this free plugin on the 4 positions in our top list is because currently, it is powering the comment system of then 10000+ websites. You will not experience all the premium features here, but in terms of stability and speed, we give it a 5 star.

It has all the necessary features like spam filtration, you can add your focus keywords, integrate twitter link, and you can also add top commentators widget. We suggest you not to go with CommentLuv, if you are in search full flagged comment system, it will clean the interface because lots of features are missing.

5. Comments – wpDiscuz

Comments – WpDiscuz
Comments – WpDiscuz

wpDiscuz 7 is one of the best WordPress comments plugin which will entirely change the user experience thanks to its clean and modern layout. Not just the design, this free plugin also adds tons of new options in the comment section.

When you integrate wpDiscuz 7 to your website, your visitors can customize the comments, like they can add the bullet list, underline, bold, italic, add a hyperlink to the words and can do tons of other things. 

While posting the comments, if the users enable notification then, the user will get notified about all the replies for the same comment. 

In any manner, wpDiscuz 7 is not less than premium comment plugins like ReplyBox. One thing we like about it is that the social login option, your visitors can log in with their different social media accounts, which also saves the long process of registration. 

Users can also Like/Dislike each other’s comments. 

6. GraphComment Comment system

GraphComment Comment System
GraphComment Comment System

You can consider GraphComments if you are searching for a complete comment system for your WordPress website. It’s a freemium plugin where you can use a few features for free.

Advance features like Editorialize & Pin Best Discussions, Live PUSH Discussions Mode, Keyword alerts, Limited right to comment, SSO connection (via your user base), Customization (Logo, brand, sender, ban emails) and PUSH Notification Center are only available for paid users.

The basic premium plan of the GraphComment Comment system will cost your around 7$ /month for up to 1,500,000 data loads/month. A bigger plan for a large website is also available, with up to 5,000,000 data loads/month.

One of the best things about it is that there is no need to create a separate database. It will insert all the comments to the WordPress database. In terms of any problem, you can quickly revert to WordPress default commenting without losing any comments that you have while using GraphComment.

7. Replyable


Replyable is the two-way email commenting plugin for WordPress. It will not change your existing comment system, it just adds a few additional features to it. Your visitors can subscribe to comment in order to get updates, even he/she will be able to respond directly from their favorite email client.

Not just the default comment system, you can also integrate it with all the other third party comments systems like Epoch, wpDiscuz, Inline Comments, Commentluv, and your current antispam and moderation workflows.

It’s entirely free to use and there is no paid version available out there.

8. Disqus


We have seen lots of people using Disqus as the comment system. It is one of the best, easy to integrate, fast loading premium comment systems. Disqus makes the comment environment modern, clean, and engaging.

Many popular bloggers prefer it because of the advanced moderation tools, shadow banning, timeouts, advanced analytics, star rating, custom reactions, and priority support.

You can start using Disqus on your WordPress website from $9 per month upto 50,000 total daily pageviews. For a more extensive website, bigger plans of $89 per month with 150,000 total daily pageviews is also available. 

9. WpDevArt Social Comments


WpDevArt Social comments will not allow you to change the comment system, but you can easily show your visitors FB comments on your website with this free plugin.

WpDevArt Social comments feature an easy-to-use interface, tested with all the popular plugin. In order to match the theme of your website, you can change the color scheme and background color. There are also 39 fantastic animation effects available. 

10. DE:Comments


DE:Comments is the premium multi-language comment plugin, which is very easy to customize. Thanks to the open CSS file, you can add your style.

It also provides your users with the social login option. When any user logs in, the plugin will automatically collect all information to your base. The advance voting feature makes the comment system more attractive. 

Your visitors can also attach media, even GIFs, or embed them from the social network while posting a comment. No need to worry about the responsiveness, DE:Comment is responsive for all screen sizes.

Talking about the setup and installation, it is straightforward. You just have to install the plugin, and you are done. 

Final Words

Those are the top 10 best WordPress comments plugins, we have listed all the features and necessary information over there, you are free to purchase any of them which satisfy all your needs.

Talking about our recommendation, according to us, it is better to go with Thrive Comments because it features an immaculate and modern layout.

We hope this article on the top 10 best WordPress comments plugins is helpful for you. Do share it on social media and stay connected with us for future updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it a good idea to change the comment system?

Yes, the default layout of the WordPress comment system is very boring, you should upgrade it. We are not just talking about the interface, in other manners also the WordPress comment system is outdated, there is no social share option, no social login option, no spam filtration

2. Does the changing of the comment system affect the loading speed?

There is no specific answer to this question. It totally depends upon which comment system you are using, all the above features comment systems are speed optimized if you choose anyone of them, especially the paid one then you don’t have to worry. 

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